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Our users normally can get 8 main efficacies from  iRelaxBot. It will be shown clear efficacy  on users'  health restoration and maintain better vitality of their life.

1. Relieve the pain of neck and waist.

2. Improve Sleeping, Relieve mental stress/anxiety/depression.

3. Gastrointestinal (constipation) improvement and regulation.

4. Prevent and improve osteoporosis.

5. Relieve the muscle tension/stiffness/spasm.

6. Release the fatigue and muscle soreness.

7. Promote blood circulation and metabolism.

8. Improve microcirculation, stimulate the cell vitality and enhance immunity.



Gradient barometric therapy from neck to foot, to relax the muscles and soft tissue, especially the muscles on the sides of the spine, similar to traditional Chinese medical massage.


Acoustic Vibration

Medical high frequency 15-20Hz, Longitudinal Vibration, deeply to stimulate and relax the muscles and soft tissues system, especially the muscles surrounding the spine. 



After the muscles surrounding the spine are deeply relaxed, the human body’s dynamic self-gravity are highly effectively acts on the spine, pull the intervertebral space, form the intervertebral negative pressure, make the protruding nucleus pulposus retract, and play the role of spinal decompression, relieve the pain of cervical and lumbar spine, restore the structural healthy balance of the spine.


Five Elements Music

Through the traditional Chinese medical five elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) music to totally relax yourself from your mind to body. Similar to music therapy in Germany.


High Speed Sieve

Stimulate the hips and the surrounding muscles and viscera system, promote viscera movement and digestive peristalsis to speed up the blood circulation of hips, back, thigh and leg, increase blood saturation, improve the body microcirculation, which can effectively improve the physique, dredge nodules of soft tissue, enhance human immunity, etc., and can realize the viscera regulation, excrete the overnight stool and the burning of thigh fat.


Far Infrared Thermotherapy: (38-45℃)

Expand capillaries, speed up blood flow, promote blood circulation, and play an assistant health care role of relax channels and collaterals and relieve the pain.

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